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Elise Final 12/10/13

When I was 5 years old on chrisms I saw a big box. It was so big. I opined it frets. I said. “It is a doll” I was so excited I had a big slimly on my face. Then I knew it was an American Girl doll. I was even more excited! I was so spares. After I opened her I saw on the box her name was Kit. She was so pretty she had blond hair and blue eyes and tan skin. Her hair was short and she had freckles. So then I opened my other presents. Then I saw other American Girl boxes. It was some of Kit’s outfit’s her holiday outfit and her PJs. I was hoping to get more of Kit’s clashing seen. My mom and dad took pictures of me and Kit. Then I wanted to collect American Girl stuff. I started to go on the website I saw Kit on the website then I saw Kit’s best friend. Her name was Ruthie. I saw how much the doll’s cost. They cost $110 on the website. I saw so much of Kit’s stuff like her dog’ Grace’ Kit’s dog. I started to think I wanted to get dolls like Ruthie her best friend and a MAG one of those dolls that look like you. Or a girl of the year and I like doll’s like Julie Ivy and some other dolls and I was so happy!


Elise French

Going to Benihana. If you have to wait you can sit on a chair and whack a slide show. On my birthday I got a splash song and ice cream. If you want you can have them cook in front of you. Kid’s menus are the shape of a chef’s hat you can have. You can even have a pitcher of you and your family.

The food is healthy it does not look healthy but it is. I also love the chicken it is awesome! And I like the juice. I also like the rice they put it in a little bowl and flip it over on the plate. And try the soup.

The service is awesome because you can say what you want. And then they cook it in front of you and you get it. It is so easy.

The décor is awesome it is like Japan and china together. The place is really clean. Every time they cook they keep it clean. I always see them clean up after they cook.

The best part is… spending time with family because we can sit down and enjoy are day and we can even relax’. All together I give Benihana 10 out of 10. I recommend you go to Benihana soon.