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Erika Final Draft 10/31/13
Hi, I’m Erika. I went to the Michigan State Fair in 2013 on hot summer day. I was really excited about going. I ran around and did cartwheels like a monkey!!! Finally we got there, me my older brother Aaron and I went with my mom Briana. When we got there she said “What ride are we going on?” We said,’’ The crazy ride’’! I said ‘it’s really fast mom Briana said,” is you sure,
Because your brother Aaron might get queasy and sick? ‘My brother said ‘’no way, I’m not!’’ So we got on the ride. It started off slow but then I said to my brother Aaron” See isn’t this ride going pretty slow?” He said, ‘’yes ‘’but then…the ride got really fast .My brother, Aaron said, “No this isn’t slow and you’re wrong. He yelled, saying, ‘’stop the ride! Stop the ride ‘’but they wouldn’t. He started to get queasy. He all most threw up but I got lucky. He didn’t throw up! Finally they stopped the ride .We got off, but he still didn’t feel good. My mom Briana said to sit down to my brother Aaron. I said, ‘Hurry up” and we went to a ride’’.


Erika DuBose

Jason’s food is great. The service is great too. If the salad bar is Out they come 5 seconds later. A lot in of their food is healthy and it tastes good. Its cleanliness is phenomenal too. The pasta is amazing! There foods are all types and everything is fresh. When I go to Jason’s there is always something new. When you walk in it is really glamorous and beautiful. But not too fancy.

I love the salad bar. They have everything; cucumbers’, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, cheese, broccoli, eggs, ranch, Italian vinaigrette, sunflower seeds, there’s sandwiches too and soups. There are many things. They have good deserts too like ice cream floats and root beer floats.

The décor It is very charming when I walk in. There’s nice music playing, there is a cool drinking fountain too. It is touch screen and you can pick a flavor you like. There is red wallpaper too. I feel like I’m at the beach.

The service is like just right because you can get appetizers and you can get kids menus too. You can go in the arcade and then your food comes 30 minutes later.

I love Jason’s it is kind of slow there’s stuff to entertain you that’s why I like it I would give it a 5 out of 5 rating.

jasons08.jpg Erika DuBose 5/19/14

Why are tornados dangerous storms are sudden violent changes in the weather these are many –visions of tornados are like waterspouts but they because the weather thunder and hail.

What they do the pressure inside is so high in the sky that it can rip apart buildings that creates updrafts which puts things in a path.

How did it get its name? Because it tore city’s it has torn stuff in tornados and it twisted things that’s how twister got their name.

How hot or cold can it be hot because the thunder storms mix so much with the hail that it can be 104 degrees.

What makes a tornado because a funnel appears? Into columns and makes a twister.

Weathers mix to make a tornado baseball size hail might fall or super cell thunder storms.