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Julia N Nona Final 12/16/13

I look at the orange and red leaves. I find a small slug it was slow so slow. That little slug. It was gray. It looks slimy I waded to catch that small slug. It was cute I looked at it and looked at it. I got an idea I wanted to call my sister and brother. I run to the house. I need to find them. I find my sister and brother. When I find them ill ask them if I can make giant leaf pile. Brother Sister came here. We will build a heart oat of leaves. I loved it. It was amazing! I want to do this next year. I love this day. Fall is so awesome. I have been on the best nature walk in the world!


Julia Nona

I went to Shenandoah. My family and I go there for special occasion. We usually wear fancy close because it’s a fancy place. I mostly go there with someone like my cousins. My family really likes the restaurant because it serves their favorite food. I like it to because it has a basketball court but I had some bad memories in there. Every time I go in, the basketball court was always full.

I loved the restaurant because its serves Arabic food. My favorite food is rice with beans. I liked it because it has beans in it. I like beans in everything.

I liked the décor because it’s fancy. I really liked their windows because I can see the golfers. I liked it because it had a lot of detail. Their lights are very detailed.

I liked the service because they always have a table for us. I love the service because they’re not too slow, they’re just right.

But the best company is enjoying the memories and that’s how I know that it’s the right place to go when you want Arabic food. Try something new. I promise you’ll enjoy it because everything is right so try it, it won’t hurt.