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Nathan Final 12/4/13

When I was in kindergarten, in the fall of 2010, on my street I saw a cat. It was only a few houses down with a chipmunk in its mouth. It was a mouse, I think it was a mouse because my cat usually chases other mice. Other cats catch mice too. The cat we saw was orange. The orange cat was really big! My sister Emma calls the orange cat George. We saw it get into a fight with my old cat a few years ago. My cat lost because my cat came back with a lot of scratches. We saw that cat a lot then but now my family doesn’t see that cat any more now. My cat’s name is Madaline. She and I are best buddies. She is an old cat, but she is still alive. She is 19 years old, and a half years old. In May, she is going to be 20 years old.


Nathan Lucken

Have ever been to Qdoba? Do you like it if you have been there? That’s what I’m talking about. Qdoba is a Mexican grill with really awesome food. I really like the burritos at Qdoba.

I’m going to talk about the food and the food at Qdoba is delicious because they make the food grab you. And they give you more than just black beans or white rice.

I can’t wait to tell you about décor. First of all the décor is really cool because they have clay paintings of people and animals and stuff like that. Qdoba is almost always clean the tables are clean because when you look around all the tables are clean with people at them sometimes and there are old pictures in black and white that are really cool.

The service at Qdoba is very good because the people are friendly. When you order they are really fast at getting the food for you.

Qdoba is a good restaurant because there décor is awesome with cool clay paintings and black and white pictures. The people are nice and fast. The cleanliness is good because when you look around the tables are almost always clean with people at them sometimes. If I were to rate Qdoba I would rate it 5-5. Also on the back of all the workers shirt it says: ‘Food for people who love food and I think that’s really funny.

Nathan Lucken 5/7/14 through 5/20/14

Do you like lightning? Well you better, if you are going to read this. Lightning is created by little bits of ice flying in a cloud that bump into each other and that creates an electric charge and that is lightning. Lightning and thunder always come together. Lightning is first but sound is faster than light, so the noise from thunder over takes light and you hear thunder. Lightning is a white, yellowish but it depends on the background like daytime or night time. Lightning travels at 55,000 to 60,000 miles per hour. There are about 16 million thunderstorms a year during that time 75 to 100 people are killed a year! To be safe when there is thunderstorms are present do not go near metal don’t be in a tree during a thunderstorm and don’t be in water during a thunderstorm. Those are only some facts about lightning.