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Peyton Final 12/9/13
The time I went to the American Girl store. It was as hot as a bowl of soup. It was so cool I got to pick out a matching cap for me and my doll named Cecil. I got matching pants and a matching shirt for me and my doll. I was so glad to get those things for my doll. And my American girl has puffy curly hair and dark brown skin. And nice brown sparkly eyes. Because she’s a doll she is very hard. I went up stairs the room was huge. And I saw the coolest thing. There was a set with a mini apple to apples game. For your American girl doll. I said mom look there’s a mini Apples to Apples game. After that my mom and I went on. We saw some pretty amazing things. And I got to take a picture with the American girl of the year. And I also took a picture with my American girl. Then my mom and I looked around and we saw closes, sets and all kinds of things. Finally my mom and I went down stairs looking for my brother and my dad. Finally we found them and we went back to the hotel.