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10/31/13 My older sister want to a lazier tag game in 2013. My mom drove her and her friend Karen. It was 12:00 in the night to 6:57 in the morning. She said the games where fun. She played lots of games. She was scared when she was trapped. She slept through most of it. She was tired. She came home. She looked very tired. She slept until after breakfast. When I got home from lacrosse she was eating breakfast. She was awake!

William Dinkeloo 5/19/14


Do you like blizzards? If you do you should probably read this paragraph. Blizzards happen mostly in snowy places during the winter. Blizzards happen because it is really snowy. Blizzards form when very heavy snowfalls come. A blizzard is a very heavy snowfall. Some blizzard hazards are: frost bite, whiteout, hypothermia. Those three hazards are dangerous to human beings. I hoped you liked the paragraph.